Logitech MK 220 wireless keyboard

You want a comfortable keyboard? Logitech MK 220 wireless keyboard

You shouldn’t worry anymore about office tools because Ihaha has products that will transform your office into a little piece of paradise. When it comes to keyboards and mouses, choose a high-quality keyboard that you only plug and play and doesn’t make noise.

You are free to move away:  this keyboard lets you work away from it for up to 10 meters. If you want to prevent yourself from fatigue, eye strain, or back pain, use this keyboard because it lets you work with enough view distance that health administration recommends.

Good battery life: you have 2 years of no battery hassles for your keyboard and 5 months of the mouse.

Small and flexible design: Logitech MK 220 is designed with a 36% smaller size than the standard keyboard. I am comfortable taking it anywhere as I’m writing this blog.

Advanced 2.4 GHz Wireless: the wireless connection is a quick as a wink.

What do you find in the box when you open:

  • A keyboard
  • A mouse
  • A USB receiver
  • 2 batteries of the keyboard
  • 2 batteries of the mouse
  • 1 document

Works with: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Choose Logitech MK220 wireless keyboard, boost your happiness