Portability: Take a look at the picture above. What do you see? Flexibility! Right? On top of the pleasure, a device gives you, you want comfort when moving with this device. This Galaxy Tab A(8.0) has a lightweight design and soft edges that you won’t even realize you’re lifting something unless you’re conscious about it. Enjoy holding this lightweight tablet.

Bright images: who doesn’t want a quality image? With this tablet, you have a 5MP front camera and an 8MP F1.9 rear camera with autofocus, flash, 5x digital zoom, HD video recording, fixed focus, and 3x digital zoom.

Easy access: We all enjoy keeping track of time without difficulties. While it takes some time to check the clock, calendar, weather, and date on other devices. It is easy to view all these at once while the tablet is charging. You won’t have to turn on the device to check these.

Reliable battery power: There’s nothing more irritating than having to stop in the middle of the game, video, or something else to go to charge. This tablet has 5000mAH battery that you can watch videos for 14 hours.

Fun for Gamers: This tablet gives you the advantage of grouping all your games in one folder for easy access.

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