You want the best workout earphones? i11 5.0 Wireless Headset

According to research made by Psychology Today, music has positive effects on exercising. Music has been proven to heighten energy and has psychological effects. The research shows that listening to music while exercising delays fatigue, enhance physical capacity, and influences the mood, but what if earphones becomes your obstacle. With that, Ihaha has brought you the right tool for excising.

Last Sunday, I had a perfect experience while excising. I had spent several months without reaching my target. When I reflected on what might have helped me, I realized that I was wearing comfortable earphones. In the last couple of months, I had earphones that were dropping off my ears every now and then. This i11 5.0 wireless headsets is skin-friendly and designed with the human ear shape in mind. This way, it can’t drop while moving so fast. Did you know that you can also make hands-free calls while driving with perfect sounds that isolate background noise?

Bluetooth version: 5.0: consumption of energy of these earphones is reduced from 20 to 30%, transmission speed is doubled, and the stability of Bluetooth is enhanced. In just a matter of a second, this earphone will automatically pair your phone.

Active Noise reduction: i11 5.0 wireless headsets guarantees a high-quality sound that will make you enjoy the activity you’re doing.

Lightweight design: apart from perfectly fitting your ear, you will also enjoy its thinness.

Long Music playback time: about 2 to 4 hours

Bluetooth distance: 10 meters


Enjoy your calls and workout with this wireless earphones

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