S318 Team Triple Motor Adjustable Meeting Table


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HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE TABLE Standing Conference S318


ITEM Technical Parameters
Frame Height 605-1255mm
Frame Width: 2124-2924mm
Stroke: 650mm
Max Speed: 30mm/s
Max Load: 1500N
Anti-Collison Yes
Colour Black, White
Package Size 1080*470*250mm


  • Conferences and meetings are some of the most important aspects of an organization.
  • the S318 standing conference table that enables you to get the most comfortable and premium conferencing experience
  • As a standing conference table wholesale, we have a lot to offer. The S318 comes with various features, colors, and unique properties that will keep your employees engaged in the meeting. The S318 is a 3-legged height adjustable standing conference table focusing on one main thing. ‘Meeting Experience.’
  • When it comes to S318, as a standing conference table factory, manufacturing size is:
  • S318 offers premium standing conference desks that come with a plethora of pros. This adjustable height standing conference table has square legs. Due to its height-adjustable capabilities, it makes it easier for all the employees to focus on the meeting with different postures.
  • Not only it will make them attentive, but the whole meeting will go like a breeze. Considering this single advantage, the S318 can provide greater results in your company. It incorporates a square tube with three legs that are arranged in one line. The adjustable frame can incorporate different sizes from 2200mm to 3200mm.
  • Height Adjustable Meeting Table
  • Adjustable Table