Meike MK-950 Mark II TTL Slave Wireless Flashgun Speedlite (nikon)
Meike MK-950 Mark II TTL Slave Wireless Flashgun Speedlite (nikon)

Meike MK-950 Mark II TTL Slave Wireless Flashgun Speedlite

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for Nikon D610 D7100 D5100 D3200 D810 D80

  • Brand Name: MEIKE
  • Display: Yes
  • Model Number: MK-950
  • Compatible Camera Brand: NIKON
  • TTL: Yes
  • Weight: 350
  • Light Source: Flash
  • Size (WxHxD): 200*75*57mm
  • Package: Yes
  • Color Temperature: 5600k
  • Power Source: 4*AA size batteries (Alkaline

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1, Wireless multiple flash shooting
With the MK-950II, the”Advanced Wireless Lighting”
2, TTL mode
The camera controls the MK950II’s flash output level by measuring the light reflected from the subject when the MK950II fires a series of monitor pre-flashes.
3, Manual flash mode
By setting the aperture and the flash output level, you can manually set the exposure and the distance to the subject.
4, Bounce flash
By tilting or rotating the flash head, you can bounce the light off a ceiling on wall to make use of reflected light.
5, Close-up flash photography
Close up flash photography can be achieved with use of the built-in wide-flash adapter and the flash head titled down.
6, Flash output level compensation/exposure compensation
Flash output level compensation is performed by modifying the flash output level for the flash illuminated subject only. Exposure compensation is performed by intentionally modifying the correct exposure o modify both the subject and background exposure.


1,Circuit Design: Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT)
2,Guide number: 58 meters (ISO 100,105mm)
3,Flash mode: TTL,M,RPT,S1,S2,Remote
4,Vertical rotation angle: 0-90 degrees
5,Horizontal rotation angle: 0-270 degrees
6,Power supply: 4XAA size batteries (Alkaline or Ni-MH are usable)
7,Lighting times: 100-1500 times (AA alkaline cell used)
8,Recycle time: approx.4s
9,Color temperature: 5600k
10,Flash time: 1/200S-1/20000S
11,Flash control: 8 levels of output control (1/128-1/1)
12,External interface: Hot shoe,PC port and eternal charging port (Use MK-SD8A)
13,Wireless triggering distance: 20-30m indoor,10-15m outdoor
14,Additional features: FEC,AEB,Manual zoom,Auto zoom,PC port.

Package Include:

MK-950 Mark II TTL Slave Wireless Flash Speedlite x1
Protecting Bag x1
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