Fiber optical device converter

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The most popular signal type supported by Fiber Optic Converters is Ethernet. An Ethernet Fiber Optic Converter accepts the copper Ethernet signals, converts it to light for transmission over fiber optic cable, and then converts the light back into a copper electrical signal at the other end of the fiber span, providing a seamless Ethernet connection over fiber cable. This type of converter is popular as Ethernet is everywhere these days and a fiber converter is useful in extending an Ethernet network’s reach, such as in a large campus networks or providing remote connections to ethernet devices in industrial applications.

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While Ethernet is the most popular, it is not the only type of Fiber Optic Converter available. There are many different Fiber Optic Converters designed to transmit various signals over fiber optic cable. Other common signals are:

No matter which signal is transported, it’s important to remember that the job of the fiber converter is to be the device that translates the electrical copper signals into light for transmission over fiber optic cable. So at their core, all fiber converters generally work the same way.