Replacement Laptop Battery for Dell Inspiron N5010


  • 11.1 Volts – also compatible with 10.8 Volt systems
  • 58 Whr or 5200 mAh;* 21% more capacity than Dell’s 48 Whr battery
  • 6 Cell Li-ion
  • Black
  • 300-500 recharge cycles

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Compatible Notebook Models: Inspiron N5010, Inspiron 13R(3010-D460TW), Inspiron 13R(INS13RD-448), Inspiron 13R(N3010D-268), Inspiron 14R(N4010), Inspiron 14R-1296PBL, Inspiron 14RN4110-7616DBK, Inspiron 15N-3000BK, Inspiron 15R(5010-D430), Inspiron 15R-1633SLV, Inspiron 17R(N7110), Inspiron I15N-2728BK, Inspiron M501R-1212TMR, Inspiron M501R-1655MRB, Inspiron Q17RVostro 1440