C2 laptop cooling stand

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  • Cooling Pad Ultra Slim Notebook Cooler,
  • Laptop Fan Cooling Stand with 2 Quiet Big Fans Blue LED Light,
  • Chill Mat with Built-in USB Cable Plug and Play,
  • for 10-15.6 Inch Laptops
  • Quiet FansThe laptop fan has two 4.93-inch quiet fans which will not disturb you during heat dissipation.
  • Easy to CarryLaptop cooling pad weighs only 1.09lb, making it super lightweight. It can be completely flat and put into backpack or briefcase easily.
  • Speed Upgrade2 fans have upgraded the motor with a speed of 1300RPM, the cooler pad can bring more air volume and prevent the laptop router hub xbox ps4 ps5 from overheating.
  • Ergonomic Comfort Laptop cooler stand have 2 adjustable height settings for more comfortable typing and viewing experience when working or playing games.