Sound Audio Controller
Sound Audio Controller

USB SOUND Audio Controller

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USB SOUND Audio Controller

LEAD 3D Sound 5.1 TIDE
Support 3D Sound (AC-3) AND vIRTUAL 5.1 soundtrack
the best entertainment for Game, DVD, Music

INTEGRATED 2 CHANNEL: USB audio controller

Real USB Plug & Play
support 3D positional sound and virtual 5.1 CH soundtrack
Use USB port power directly
External power adapter NO NEED
Digital Class-B Power Amplifier inside
Leading Digital Technology the word

The best Entertainment or DVD, Music, Game &Online content software value-added for DVD

  • Sound System shifter
  • 5.1 X earphone
  • 2-Sound System virtual theater
  • Earphone plus personal theater
  • Enhanced 5.1Home Theater


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