Sony NP-F550 Digital Camera Battery Replacement

45,000 RWF

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Replacement Battery for Sony NEX FS700, HXR NX5U, HDR FX1, NEX FS100, HDR FX7, HVR V1U, HVR Z1U, HVR HD1000U, HDR FX1000, HVR Z5U, Neewer CN 160, DSR PD150, DCR VX2000, DSR PD170, DCR VX2100, NP F330, NP F550, GV HD700, NP F570, DCR TRV900, NP F770, DCR TRV310, HVR DR60, HVR Z1, MVC FD95, MVC FD91, MVC FD200, MVC FD73, DCR TRV320, CCD TRV65
Battery Capacity: 2200mAh, Voltage: 7.2, Type: Lithium-Ion




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