Replacement Battery for HP EliteBook 840 G2 11.1V 50WhReplacement Battery for HP EliteBook 840 G2 11.1V 50Wh

Replacement Battery Copy for HP EliteBook 840 G2 11.1V 50Wh

35,000 RWF

CM03XL Battery 50Wh Compatible with HP EliteBook 840 845 850 740 745 750 G1 G2 Series 717376-001 CM03050XL CO06 CO06XL E7U24AA HSTNN-IB4R HSTNN-DB4Q HSTNN-LB4R HP ZBook 14….

No Original but a copy

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Compatible Part Number:

CM03 CM03XL CO06 CO06XL CM03024XL-PL CM03050XL HSTNN-DB4Q HSTNN-DB4R HSTNN-IB4R HSTNN-I11C HSTNN-I11C-4 HSTNN-I11C-5 HSTNN-LB4R HSTNN-UB4R 996TA048H D8R80AV D8R82AV E2P27AV E3W16UT E3W17UT E3W19UT E3W20UT E3W24UT E3W28UT E7M95PA E7N00PA E7U24AA E7U24UT F2P20UT F2P22UT F2Q24UT F2Q28UT F6B35PA F6B36PA F6B37PA L3J31PT L5J27PA L9S80PA 716723-271 716724-1C1 716724-421 716724-541 717375-001 717376-001 719941-002.

Compatible Models:

  • HP EliteBook 740 G1 G2
  • HP EliteBook 745 G1 G2
  • HP EliteBook 750 G1 G2
  • HP EliteBook 755 G1 G2
  • HP EliteBook 840 G1 G2
  • HP EliteBOOK 845 G2
  • HP EliteBook 850 G1 G2
  • HP EliteBOOK 855 G2
  • HP ZBook 14 G2, ZBook 15U G2
  • HP ZBook 14 E7U24AA Mobile Workstation




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