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Powerful Type-C Charging Cable – 5 Ampere – Fast Charge and Synchronization – 1 Meter – White

5,000 RWF

Powerful Type-C charging cable that can support up to 5 amperes. Suitable for the efficient and safe charging of your devices with Type-C connection. Features Fast Charge technology.



USB Type-C charging cable – 5 Ampere

Are you looking for a powerful Type-C charging cable that allows you to charge your device safely and quickly? Then the Type-C charging cable with a length of 1 meter is the product you need. Because the cable can support up to five amperes, your device is efficiently, safely and quickly charged.

5 Amps

cables already support 3 ampere, this Type-C cable supports no less than 5 amperes. This is due to the application of 22AWG copper wire. This allows the charging cable to support a power of up to 100 watts.

Fast Charge technology

This Type-C cable is equipped with Fast Charge technology. The antioxidant plated and nickel-plated connectors and the oxygen-free copper wire will charge up to 30% faster. The use of these high-quality materials ensures optimum performance, a safe and stable connection and a longer lifespan.


The Type-C to A cable can be used in combination with devices that have a USB Type-C connection.

Product specifications:

✔ Connection: USB 2.0 Type-C.
✔ Output: max. 5A.
✔ Fast Charge technology.
✔ Charging and synchronizing.
✔ Compatible with 5V devices with Type-C port.
✔ TPE material.
✔ Durable.
✔ High-quality materials.
✔ Cable length: 1 meter.
✔ Color: white.
✔ Weight: 28 g.