HDW-788 Laptop Cooling Pad Notebook Radiators

25,000 RWF

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An innovative & unique design of Notebook Stand
Ergonomic design-2 adjustable level stand
Lightweight & strong structure, High-Quality Plastic Body
1 big fan dissipates heat away from Notebook
ON/OFF switch
Color: Black


Color: Black
Material: Perforated metal, engineering plastic, rubber

Product size: 370 X265X33 ~ 58 mm for all size notebook Adjustable

Angle: 6.5 ~ 45 degrees accord with human body engineering Fan

size: 140 X140X15mm

Turn speed: 1400 RPM enough wind cooling
Fan bearing: Alloy bearing Noise
sound: 15 dba (Min).
Fan life: 40000 hours
USB: USB2.0/1.1 X2,
Product weight: 1.05 kg
Wire length: 60 mm
Bearing Type: Sleeve Bearing
Package Contents: 1 X Adjustable stand


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