DMK POWER’s BP70A/BP 85A Battery Charger for Select Samsung Cameras AQ100, DV150F, DV151F, DV155F.

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Product description

DMK Power camera travel charger BP70A

DMK POWER’s BP70A Battery Charger is compatible with: Samsung AQ100, DV150F, DV151F, DV155F, DV180F, ES65, ES67, ES70, ES71, ES73, ES74, ES75, ES78, ES80, ES81, MV800, PL20, PL21, PL22, PL80, PL81, PL90, PL91, PL100, PL101, PL120, PL121, PL170, PL171, PL200, PL201, SL50, SL600, SL630, ST100, ST150F, ST151F, ST152F, ST30, ST60, ST61, ST65, ST66, ST67, ST68, ST70, ST700, ST71, ST72, ST73, ST76, ST77, ST78, ST79, ST80, ST90, ST91, ST93, ST94, ST95, ST96, TL105, TL110, TL205, WB30F, WB31F, WB32F, WB35F, WB36F, WB37F, WP10

DMK POWER’s BP70A Battery Charger was designed to meet or exceed




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